Suraj Kapoor

Director of Product @WayUp, formerly @Lerer Hippeau. Technologist, Optimistic Contrarian.

  1. If You Want To Pursue Your Startup Dream (and Can't Code)

    I've been informally approached by a few non-technical entrepreneurs about how to start tech companies, so I thought it would be helpful to formalize my response in a post. First of all, I applaud anyone brave enough to start a company, whether they are technical or not. Startups are a…

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  2. A Product That Changed My Life

    A few products have changed my life but there is one that surpasses the obvious - Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc... "What is this amazing product then?!" Sleep Cycle is a mobile app that does two things - (1) It wakes you in your lightest sleep state (2) It measures your…

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  3. Building a URL link shortener in Python

    I recently built a link shortener in Python. The crux of the shortener is a function that condenses a long URL into something much shorter: How is it possible to condense a 100+ length character string into a unique 6 length string? How's it possible to…

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  4. List, Set & Dictionary Comprehensions in Python

    Comprehensions in python are pretty cool. If you don't use them, I suggest you start right now. Most are familiar with list comprehensions, but set and dictionary comprehensions are available too. Here are simple examples of each. List Comprehension: As an example, say you have a list of numbers: l…

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  5. Concurrency: Threading vs Multiprocessing in Python

    As programs become larger and more complex, they need to do more computations while maintaining speed. Concurrency is when multiple computations are performed in parallel, and there are techniques that enable us to do this such as Threading and Multiprocessing. What is Threading? Threading is when several programs run concurrently…

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  6. Paying It Forward

    Yesterday, a stranger helped me out. Why? In her own words, she believed in karma. After helping me, she insisted that I “pay it forward.” We’ve all seen online examples of strangers embracing other people’s needs and I’m wondering if, we all started to do just a…

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