Suraj Kapoor

Director of Product @WayUp, formerly @Lerer Hippeau. Technologist, Optimistic Contrarian.

Technology's Social Correction

Rightly so, much has been made of social issues in tech. Last year we saw two prevalent issues in tech - companies with bro cultures that oppress, harass and abuse women, and relied upon platforms misusing data and miseducating masses. As a result, we've seen executives shamed, and Facebook exposed for it's failures. Yet, it feels, and I hope, that there is a lot more to come and that we are at the start of a massive social correction.

Both of these issues are symptomatic of a poorly designed and stagnant economy. One that's not designed to quickly correct these types of issues. Hence, these issues are prevalent in other industries, especially those awash with large sums of capital like politics or entertainment, that can hide significant failings and ease any pressure to change.

Yet, a social change begins with a change in intention. And more now than ever, I think we are at entering into a discussion where we are defining that intention for the first time. It's a global discussion too, not one defined by borders. People want a redefined economic system that improves everyone's quality of life. And I think that conversation will get louder this year and more people in power will be scrutinized to see if they agree with that intention, or not. The great thing about technology - and one of the reasons I love it - is that it's made up of people who demand change, and now is the time to demand it more than ever.