Suraj Kapoor

Director of Product @WayUp, formerly @Lerer Hippeau. Technologist, Optimistic Contrarian.

Why I'm Learning to Code...

About 10 months ago I didn’t know what “code” was. I knew we needed it for sites and software to function and the world to continue to turn, but I didn’t know what it actually was, how and why it worked? It seemed like magic fairy dust sprinkled into our personal, societal and economic existence. Relied upon my many, understood by few. A wildly important esoteric craft.

The internet has already reformed our lives in the last 15 — 20 years, accelerated by the availability of high speed broadband in the past 10. Now, if we imagine every possible facet of life in 50 years it’s impossible to over-estimate what sort of impact the internet and technology will have, and I find that incredibly exciting. The internet has already done so much, we are beginning to see it’s merits.

I’m starting a blog chronicling my journey. I envision writing predominantly about programming issues covering Computer Science topics, as well as thoughts and lessons I learn in relation to my startup LookLab. I’m hoping this will be a helpful process to me as I digest new concepts, and hopefully helpful to others embarking on a similar journey.

So what is code? A rough definition would be a set of instructions that can be understood by both humans and computers but, let’s face it, it’s so much more.